A successful pupil at LIA will be able, at the end of his primary schooling, to choose to move towards the Geneva “Cycle d’orientation”, an international curriculum or an Anglophone or bilingual FR/ENG secondary school.

Our programme is essentially based on the Swiss Plan d’Etudes Romand (PER) and the North American programme (based on the Common Core State Standard Initiative).

The subjects taught in French (French language, mathematics in French and other subjects) are mainly based on the PER (Swiss programme).

The subjects taught in English (English language, mathematics in English and other subjects) refer mainly to the North American curriculum.

Subjects taught in English primarily use British textbooks.

Subjects taught in French use French textbooks.

Openness to other programmes

In order to facilitate the transition to other ‘international’ school systems (Lycée français à l’étranger, American High School, international schools), we do not limit ourselves exclusively to the Swiss and North American programmes. For example, in order to facilitate transfers to the French school system used in many schools around the world, we adapt our instruction, in learning numeracy for example, to that of the French programme.

Special features of certain subjects

  • The teaching of history and geography is adapted to an international audience. We focus less on local history/geography and more on other regions of the world.
  • German language, a requirement of the Swiss curriculum, is taught from the age of 7.
  • Computer science is taught to all students, and it is also a work tool frequently used by students at the end of primary school.

Biblical teaching

A weekly period of 45 minutes called “Bible time” allows children to acquire biblical knowledge and references. This teaching also influences our value of “living together” within our school.

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