Our explicit pedagogical approach allows each teacher the creative freedom to choose his or her tools and methods according to the subjects being taught as well as the specific needs of the students. We strive to give meaning to what is being learned.

LIA does not adhere to any one particular pedagogical movement, but prefers rather to take from the best, while considering any scientific advances which would be relevant for students’ instruction.


Our teachers will never stop encouraging your child, recognizing his or her progress, and considering next steps and goals for him or her to reach.

Each child has unique talents and abilities which we strive to develop and draw upon.

Taking care of the individual

While the learning group has its place in a child’s education, we prioritize the individual and continually require each child to invest himself in his own learning.

We choose to instruct each child at the level which his maturity and intellectual capacity will allow.

Seeking the overall healthy development of the child

We are convinced that, when it comes to individual personal development, strong character and social skills, which permit a child to intelligently manage his own emotions, are every bit as important as academic success. This is why the entire faculty is committed to investing the time and energy necessary to ensure everyone participates as vital members of the school community.

We consider every child from a holistic point of view, which means we strive for his intellect, emotions, and spirit to function together in harmony.

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