Our Campus

LIA is located in an exceptional, park-like setting which is both tranquil and convenient in its proximity to downtown Geneva.

The campus is easily accessible by car and parking is available for parents. Bus A of the Geneva Public Transport system (TPG) stops just in front of the Rippaz school stop.

Students enjoy a beautiful outdoor area for recess. Favourite recreational activities vary with the seasons and range from leaf pile contests to sledding, sandpits to igloo building, football games to table tennis, and squirrel watching to daisy picking!

Our school parties take place in the beautiful hall adjacent to LIA.

Sport Activities

Our campus has a grassy football pitch, perfect for numerous sporting activities.

From November to April, during the winter season, we rent the gymnasium of the commune of Vandoeuvres. This allows the students to benefit from all the necessary equipment for gymnastics and team sports activities: basketball, badminton, and so forth.

Quality sporting equipment is available all year round.

IT Equipment

LIA students have access to high-performance IT equipment.

An assortment of All In One stations and laptops provides great tools for teaching the computer skills that all our students benefit from every week.

For the older students who have computers available in the classroom, they also learn to master the use of search engines, word processing, document management, and develop other academic skills.

At LIA, because we believe that nothing replaces interpersonal contact in a learning environment, we use computers as a complementary teaching tool. We desire our students to learn to use them skillfully and thoughtfully.

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