Welcoming | Equipping | Guiding

Three verbs which underpin all we do, and which we strive
to put into practice with each child entrusted to us.


Joyful when you come

Children love to learn when they are valued and encouraged.
The LIA school community seeks to ensure
that each individual is treated with consideration
by all other students and adults.

Parents are the primary educators for their children.

A close partnership between parents and school is vital for LIA.


Joyful when you learn

Children reach their full potential when the pedagogy
is encouraging and rewards them for their efforts.
Our aim is to provide quality academics with each
child’s well-being at the center.

     LIA offers you:

  • Family-sized classes
  • Fr/En education, 50% of the learning time in each language with daily exposure to French and English
  • A curriculum tailored to Geneva’s Plan d’Etude Romand, and also shaped by the American, French and British curricula


Joyful as you grow up

Children are encouraged to develop their personalities
and abilities with creativity, dedication and integrity.
Our nurturing staff and our Christian values positively
impact the school environment.

“We looked long & hard for a school like this in Geneva.” LIA mom for 5 years

“My children are very happy at LIA, which is obviously
linked  to
their  overall academic performance and
the enjoyment of learning.”
Another satisfied LIA parent

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