At LIA, 7th and 8th Grade are now possible !

We welcome our students in a program with the following :


Based on the PER, the Plan d’Étude Romand, and the Common Core (USA), our bilingual immersion program includes 50% of the learning time in French and 50% in English.


During the key years of middle school, we wish to prioritize the development of values and personal skills (resilience, creativity, leadership, etc …), fundamental to the overall success of the student.

Our distinguishing features:

  • A hybrid program – In connection with distance learning platforms, the student will progress individually in languages and mathematics.
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) – In addition, students will participate in interdisciplinary projects that will lead them to explore, question real life issues, and open opportunity for authentic learning. These projects will also enable students to discover various professions and help orient them for future studies.
  • Option of reduced schedule for Sport Art Studies (SAE)- For students wishing to invest in a sports and/or arts, the school administration can grant certain class exemptions.

Enrollment steps

Step 1: The family contacts the school

Email :
Fills out the pre registration form
provides the child’s lastest report cards
The family makes an appointment with a school administrator.
Step 2: The family confirms their desire to enrol the student.
 The school sends enrollment documents to the family.
Step 3: The family completes and returns all enrollment documents and makes the paiement requested.
Step 4:  The student will present a cover letter to show personal motivation or an equivalent creative project.
 Step 5: The school confirms enrollment.