Choosing to Teach and Love

What does it take to make a school? Students, teachers, a curriculum; these are the common denominators of every school.

But what gives LIA its special flavour? It’s a variety of things, both big and small. Yet the overarching ingredient – the love with which each of us tries to be filled – is what imbues our school atmosphere with joy and a sense of well-being.

At LIA, we are convinced that in order to be receptive of any instruction, children must know that they are loved.

Benefiting From Combined Age Groups

We make the most of our grade-combined classes and “family-sized” student body, which allow us to get to know each other well. What could be more beautiful than to see the older students spontaneously helping or comforting the younger ones, or to hear the more proficient students sharing their knowledge with classmates?

Having a Christian Worldview

  • Every human being is valuable and has gifts and talents to develop and put to use.
  • The school’s Christian identity supports every student in developing his whole self.
  • Children are taught to take responsibility for their own future and choices.
  • As a driving force for integrity in all that we do, the school’s Christian nature teaches students to marvel at the perfection of creation which is all around us.

Cultivating the Parent/School Relationship

  • We work hard to cultivate a spirit of excellence and trust in the relationships between the school and the students’ parents.
  • This partnership needs to be both respectful and effective for the child to do his best.
  • There are a number of opportunities throughout the course of the academic year when parents may discuss openly with their child’s teachers.
  • LIA’s familial nature promotes this type of communication.

Valuing Different Cultures

  • We value the different cultures represented by LIA families and strive to make children aware of these differences, which are a source of great cultural wealth. Geneva is an exceptional place for this, and LIA students represent numerous nationalities.
  • We are particularly vigilant on behalf of students and families in the midst of a cultural transition, and bear in mind each one’s particular experience. To help these students successfully adapt to their new environment,we strive to give consideration to their personal circumstances and family lives as a whole.
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